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Welcome to Easy Sandal Buckle

Easy Sandal Buckles make it a snap to quickly buckle your shoes. The simple, hardy design allows you to simply latch your shoe buckles together instead of threading a tiny shoe strap through a tiny buckle every time you want to take your shoes off or put them back on…

  • Easy, 60-second conversion from existing buckles to ESB.
  • Never fiddle with your shoe buckles again.
  • Takes only a few seconds to latch your shoe buckle.
  • No more nagging from your husband to hurry up or having him help you.
  • Don’t be late for meetings or social events.


“Are you frustrated putting on strappy sandals?”
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How it Works

Easy Sandal BuckleEasy Sandal BuckleEasy Sandal BuckleEasy Sandal BuckleEasy Sandal Buckle



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