Outstanding poisitive results with ES Buckle

After years of suffering putting on strappy sandals, I find the ESB buckle really does take the hassle out of putting on my dressy sandals.

Nancy, Houston, Tx.

These Easy Sandal Buckles have made my life so much easier. I can buckle them without help.

Catherine, Houston, Tx.

Wow, why didn’t I think of this…..Thanks Easy Sandal Buckle.

Sharon, Sonoma, Calif.

I had shoes in my closet that I just wouldn’t wear. Now, I have a new shoe wardrobe.

Lynn, Sacramento, Calif.

I would not buy strappy sandals until a friend told me about ESBuckle.com. This is a really small price to pay to add cute shoes to my dressy outfits.

Debbie, Woodlands, Tx.

“I received my buckles very quickly. It is a pleasure doing business with Easy Sandal Buckle. Installing these buckles is very easy, and they attach to the existing straps on your shoes. Once they are installed and buckled on your foot, they stay securely buckled until you take them off. These buckles make taking your shoes on and off much easier and faster,which I appreciate, because I usually switch shoes at least once or twice during an event or social dance. These buckles also eliminate all of the wear and tear on the straps; the straps on some shoes begin to fall apart and break using the traditional buckling system, but this does not happen with my Easy Sandal buckles installed. I am so glad I found Easy Sandal Buckles.

Thank You!”
Marilyn, Weston, Wisconsin

“Thanks for coming up with this idea! It has made buckling up so much easier! What a great invention. ”

Thanks again.
Gail, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“Ladies and Gentlemen, These Easy Sandal Buckles are a great addition to any sandals or heels with any type of strap to get in and out of your sandals or heels easily. I’m using mine on Mary Jane straps and ankle straps heels I have. I’m even using them on my favorite pair of, Christian Louboutin Heels. Fast and Easy to install. Just follow the steps and you will be fine. Thank you Karen, superb job on design and great customer service. A+ I will definitely promote the ESB.”

D. Garcia

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