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KarenI developed this easy way of putting on sandals because I got frustrated putting on dressy high heels or sandals. First, you need to put the prong into a small hole in a strap. Then, you have to feed the strap through a tiny piece of elastic. By the time I got through, I was upset and sometimes had to have my husband help me.

I hope to change the entire buckle industry to make it easier to put on dressy sandals.



I originally got involved with teenage runaways in Tulsa, Ok. in the late 1960’s. I met a 12 year old girl who said "my name is Mary Hope, but call me hopeless". The runaways were in a home run by nuns and when they earned 500 merits, they could return home. She told me her mother had already "split" and she would get to go home to the step father who was molesting her. I have never forgotten Mary and wonder if I helped her in any way. I was given away at age 12 and lived with different families and always thought "there but for the grace of God, go I"….God works in mysterious ways, but I have always known that somehow I would find a way to help young women with self-esteem issues caused by their living environment.

Please know that each purchase will help with this cause.

Thank you. Karen

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